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I was looking at old posts. It happens to be the right time of year to start a garden. Sooo, basically, all that stuff I said I was going to last year, I am going to try it this year. Anything that gets the kids outside is good with me.

My daughter wants flowers, lots and lots of flowers. We will plant some but my neighbor has hundreds that I think we will just go visit. ūüôā My son wants to try corn again. I heard corn loves fertilizer, and lots of it. From what know, farm run-off from corn fields is what causes a dead zone in the ocean by the mouth of the Mississippi River. I won’t use that much.¬† I think it is better to fertilize more often with less.

I am trying to grow winesap apples from seeds that we got from the local apple orchard last year. They tasted great and are an heirloom variety. I need at least two for pollination but I will see how many of the five seeds germinate.

I would like to get the remaining strawberries in the sun. When I checked on them a few days ago I only saw three. But they can spread fast. If I can save them, in a few years I will have plenty.

I still want blueberries and raspberries. I need to find a good place for them. The original spot now has a black locus tree in their spot. Maybe I can plant them underneath? But both like a nice sunny spot. I am sure my hill will have a nice area.

I wonder how much I will really do this year. If I can just get the perennial stuff in then that would be a great start. Same time next year?


It is that time of year again. Not the holiday shopping season but the planning season. I usually look back at the past yea and thing about what I should have done. Then I try to plan for next year. I do have some ideas brewing.

First, I want a much bigger garden. Last year was a huge bust with the 9 inches of rain in June and then 4 months with only 1 inch total. Hopefully my well will have water in the spring. Then I can water every day if I like. I just received my first seed catalog today so I am starting to think about what I want to grow.

Second, I still want my solar pond! I know that I am going to modify my solar lights to include the pump some how. This will ensure I am not wasting winter production on nothing. I would like to devise a diversion load heater for winter pond heating with excess winter production.

Lastly, I want to think about solar hot water. I have a good idea about how much electricity I use to heat water. At a minimum I use 100 kW hours a month. I estimate ,that on average, closer to 120 kW hours a month. More in the winter of coarse. This is very low for electric water heating because of the hot water heat pump.

This years garden will be totally organic of course. Since Last years garden was a bust I plan on using some organic fertilizer. (Composted chicken manure) That should help get things growing. I am going to start with Lettuce. It is a fast spring crop and I want the kids to get into gardening quickly this year. Tomatoes are a must. My neighbor said he paid $5 for three tomatoes about a week ago. I need to start them from seed today and use my LED grow light. My son really wants to plant pumpkins this year. So why not. The wife wants yellow zucchini. I think they are going somewhere all by themselves. They can get out of hand. If they do, this way they don’t over crowd something else.

This is the year I plan on planting blueberries, raspberries, apple and peaches. May be some more things if I feel like it. Lastly, I have to move my strawberries. They tree grow out and now they are in the shade. When I am all done I will have to take a picture. I still need to figure out where I am going to put my solar power pond?

Come on. Organic is not that hard. It is actually less work for me. I placed the garden where I had a two year old compost pile.Tilled everything up.  Layered out some newspaper. (This has worked great to keep the weeds down.) Covered it with grass clippings. Soaked everything real good. The next day I planted the corn. I just pushed in the seeds right thru the wet newspaper. I even water the garden with rain water collected from the roof.

Sweet Corn and Acorn Squash

Sweet Corn and Acorn Squash