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So I am visiting Florida. It is hot and Humid. My first question, do people even have heaters in there homes? I am sure they have electric resistive heaters. I would think they get used very seldom. The next question I had, why doesn’t everyone have a solar hot water heater. Just running the water thru the collector without any sun would at least get it up to ambient temperature. Which right now is 91 degrees. The next question is, why doesn’t everyone have solar modules on their roof? With the great solar insolation that Florida receives it would seem to be an easy option. It is easier to cool down from 90, then it is to heat from 20. Since it seems to rain almost every day, a rain barrel would have you covered on the days that you get missed by mother nature.


Florida is putting at least $50 million to all state universities in an effort to coordinate renewable energy research. One of these schools, Florida Gulf Coast University, won $8.5 million. With it they’ll be installing 16 acres of solar panels which may supply nearly 20% of all its electricity. Arizona State University will be the only other school whose solar power output can compare. This is all happening due to Governor Charlie Crist’s renewable energy emphasis.

Solar Power Panel

Solar Power Panel

It’s exciting to see interest in solar power technologies catch on in different states. To me, it seems like computer technology. I’m talking about how computers started out big and bulky and expensive but of great interest to schools and other institutes of research. But today, many American households have more than one. It would be fantastic to see solar power follow that same route.

Anyway, you can read more about that Florida article here: Florida pouring $50M into solar energy research at state universities