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I have had Duke Energy’s “Go Green Power” for almost 2 years. I purchase Carbon credits for 500kW hrs a month. In a typical month that is well over 50% of my usage. Lately, it has been bugging me. I feel like I am just giving my money away to Duke Energy. The cost per month is $10 for a yearly total of $120. $120 buys me 6,000 kWhrs of carbon offsets. For simple math purposes I will use 2lbs for every 1kWhr. (Very close BTW) That means my 6,000kWhrs is equal to 12,000lbs. If I were to go to a site like TerraPass that would cost me about $70. Where does the extra $50 go?

Currently, Duke has two trackers on my bill, the clean coal adjustment and the coal gasification adjustment. Beside the fact that they seem to be the same thing to me, they cost me $6 to $10 a month depending on my usage. Duke is already getting my money for something that is supposed to be environmentally friendly. I fell like I am just lining there pockets.

What does Duke do with the Go Green money? They say they buy Green Power. But you and I both know that when you buy in bulk, of anything, you get a better price. So, this leads me to my decision. I am going to cancel my Go Green Power and just buy carbon offset credits myself. For the same cost, I could offset the entire electricity usage for the whole house for the whole year.


I was looking at my electric bill the other day. Man, riders sure are a pain. I have about ten of them on my bill, at least two are credits but still. Why so many. From what I have gathered, it is a may to make more money from the customer. A nickel here, a dime there. But I have a problem with two of the riders. Rider 71 – Clean coal adjustment. Well, clean and coal don’t below in the same sentence but that is another issue all together. Rider 61 – Coal gasification adjustment. Here is the problem. From everything I have heard about “Clean Coal” it almost always points to gasification. So the two riders are the same thing!

On my last bill, rider 71 was $2.93 and rider 61 was $1.40. Not that much but I know this just goes right to the bottom line of Duke Energy. To top it off Duke wants to raise rider 61 because of cost over runs. You can’t win. So I took the “can’t beat them join them approach”. I purchase some Vectren Stock about a month ago. Vectren is my Gas company not my electric company. But they do provide electric to most of the southern half of Indiana. A few months ago they asked the Indiana board for a rate increase. Most of their case was based on falling revenue. But some of it was to cover equipment upgrades. (Just like Duke wants to do.) In the rate case documents they stated they wanted to maintain about a 10% ROI for their stakeholders. Who would not want a 10% ROI. So I purchased some stock. I figure that Vectren was a more stable company then Duke.

I guess everything is going a la cart these days. Just look at your trash bill. Mine has a fuel cost adjustment. I called and they said that anytime the average fuel cost is about $2 a gallon of diesel they charge the adjustment. When is the next time you will see Diesel below $2?

Maybe I should just buy a little piece of all the utilities I have at the house, then I won’t feel so bed when I have to pay more for the same service.

I need to call my friend over at Maybe they can run the numbers for me on a solar panel system??? Prices keep coming down on solar and up on electric bills.