So the well is a bust, for now. Link for the history. I know I have water down at 11 feet. I have checked two different ways. But the cheap pump I purchased ($100) just does not want to work. I had thought about using a Shurflo DC pump. Then, I could try a solar setup. But since it is only 15 feet from the house an AC pump makes more sense. The issue I have now is the cost of a new, good, well pump. They cost in the mid $200 range and that is a good chunk of change for something I cannot be 100% will work. I think what I need to do is buy something from the local store and check on the return policy. Then if it works I am in business. If not I could just return it and get my money back. At least I can use the old pumps accumulator tank. So it is not a total lose.

Too bad I can’t get a larger diameter well down in the ground. Then I could get a Grudfus deep well pump. I could water to his heart’s content and still have plenty to go around. O’ well, wishful thinking.

If I ever take the next step I will let you know. I think when all the rain is over and I have to water, then I will look at this again.