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You have saved 8,026 sq. ft. of rainforest.

The Juicy Rewards program is over now. I collected dozens of points and used all of them to save the rainforest. Very easy to do since I already drink Orange Juice. Just trying to do every little bit that I can.

I hope they run the same program in the future. Then I can save another 8,000 sq. ft. of rainforest.


Have you ever wondered how much electricity the self clean cycle uses on you electric oven? I finally found out. Since I have my TED5000 it was very easy. The cycle runs for five hours. The internal temperature gets up to somewhere around 800 degrees F. I can’t be exact (should have used my TED1000 tied directly to the circuit) but I figured I used between 10kWhrs¬†and 12 kWhrs for the entire five hours. That is equal to a little over a dollar!