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My wife does not like the downstairs toilet anymore. I think it would be a great time to upgrade the most use potty in the house. I want the best flushing with the least amount of water. I have heard about pressure assisted flushing toilets, so I started looking into it. Sloan Flushmate is the leader in pressure assisted flushing. (For all I know they have patent protection.) They have great videos on their site so you can see how is works.

The most inexpensive model I found that uses only 1GPF is the Glacier Bay1.0 GPF Pressure Assisted All-In-One Toilet. It is $200 at but I will have to wait for free shipping. I can wait, it not like the current one is broken. One thing I did find while searching was that it could shred toilet paper. I don’t think I will have this problem because we don’t use single ply paper. (You have to use single ply if you have a septic system.)

I only have to wait for free shipping and I will purchase it. Until then I will just have to waste 0.6 Gallons every time we flush. ;-(