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I have gone thru my first box. It only took a YEAR! We have done some traveling and my wife will not use the country save detergent. I does get the clothes just as clean 95% of the time. That is fine with me. We still have Tide handy for the tough stains and dirt.

You can’t beat the price. This stuff is cheap compared to everything else. Each load uses about $0.10 of detergent. Tide is at least double that. I also like using powdered detergent. I feel that I am not buying any fillers. (water) Since I have three more boxes left, I am glad I like it.


In my last blog I said that I broke down and purchased a small generator. After some digging on the internet, I found that the power output from these generators is very “dirty”. Sensitive electronics would not like it at all. So I have a solution. Sometime ago I purchased a used APC Smart-up 1500 on the internet. It has the ability to condition the incoming voltage. Basically, it does a great job at making the output stay at 120VAC. The idea is to run the generator and have it feed the battery back -up. The battery back-up runs my emergency loads. With a load of 300Watts the battery back-up will last close to an hour. That would be enough time for the generator to cool off and I could refuel it. Since my emergency load should be very small. (100W) I could get over three hours with the battery back-up.