The system has a total of five misters. I get a consistent drop of 250 Watts while the misting is on. Personally, I think I could use some more misting. I think if I had pieced it together myself I would have better results. But, I had this going in less than an hour. That includes hooking up the solenoid valve to the thermostat contractor.

What does this all mean? During a hot day when the AC seems to run forever, we will use 10 hours, I save 2.5 kW hours. Having only run the system for a couple of days, I would guess an average saving of around 1.5 kW hours. That average over 150 days, 225kW hours per season. Maybe $25. This is the reason I wanted to be able to re-purpose the misting system. I will replace the AC unit before the misting system is payed for. But, I think of this project more as research then savings. I wanted to prove to myself that misting my AC unit does in fact save electricity.

How much water does it use? I don’t have any idea. I am sure not very much. This is why I think I need more misters. If one mister used 0.5 GPH. The system total would be 2.5 GPH. From the ten-hour example above, 25 Gallons per day to save 2.5kW hours. In Indiana it takes 0.41 gallons of water to make 1 kW hour of power production. This equals 1 gallon of water. So I am not conserving water, only electrical power. Water is a lot cheaper than electricity. Water = 6 cents, Electricity  = 25 cents