The usage for last month on only the AC compressor unit outside was 638 kW hours. This does not include the inside blower fan. I have calculated that I need to add about 12% more to the total to account for the blower. That would bring the total to 715 kW hours. The total for the entire house was 1334 kW hours. Air Conditioning accounts for over half of my total usage! I am sure that I am not alone. It was a hot month, last month. Every month Duke provides a chart for comparison. Every month it looks like this.

I am always to the far left of the chart. This makes me feel somewhat better. The misting equipment is on its way. After I install this I hope to reduce usage by 20%. We already know misting works, but will it cause harm to the outside unit? Since it is an older unit anyway I am not too concerned. I just don’t like to replace things when I am forced to. Do I think it will cause the unit to explode? NO. Do I think I may have mineral build up? Possible. That is why I am filtering down to 1 micron.