Total boring to watch but you can see when I start to mist the AC unit the Kw hours go down. This TED is only hooked up to the AC unit. Nothing else.
It is almost 100 degrees outside, heat index is 110. (Humid!!!)
Starts at 2810 Watts, goes down to 2450 Watts.
I am sure it would have been even better if it was less humid.

With this, I have ordered a kit. It is made by EZ misters. I know I could have made my own. But, if and when I replace my outside unit. I will not be misting it. With the kit I can re-purpose the misting. A big plus is that the kit is made for up to 200 psi. Since city water pressure is almost 100+ psi, I should get some great misting! (Small droplet size)