I have purchased and tested my new well pump. I had seriously considered running the entire setup on solar power. Solarhome.org has a great deal on a 12VDC pump. After thinking about it I decided to just go with an AC pump. The reason was simple. I don’t plan on using it everyday. I won’t even be using it during the winter. So a solar system would have gone unused for most of the time. Wasteful to say the least.

Instead I just went to the local Harbor Freight store and picked up a shallow well pump on the cheap. Total cost after coupon and tax was $88. I don’t think it will last more than three years put I am also not 100% sure I will hit water either. (Maybe 95%)

To test I just purchased some PVC fittings and pipe for less than $10 and connected placed the pipe in my 100 Gallon rain water collection tub. It pump 50 gallons out in less than 10 minutes. The pump is rated for 900 gallons an hour @ 0 head and 1″ outlet. I was pushing the water though a 5/8′ 80 foot hose. Not too bad.

Next up, purchase the Brady Products -BTA-200 Well Point Install Kit, the PVC fitting and PVC pipe. I am working on location and installation process. I hate to start something without a plan.