I just found out a few days ago that my local water utility wants to double my water rate. Now I don’t use a lot of water. But I also don’t let the grass die in my yard either. That said, some months I have to water the lawn. Normally, I would get a $50 bill and just pay it know I am saving my lawn during a drought. Now it is going to be $100. I don;t know if I can live with that. (My neighbors already spend $300 a month on water for their yard!)

Solution, install a well. I have talked about it before but now I am motivated to act. The state of Indiana has a great tool. It is called Indiana Map. Ha ha! But it lets me look up other wells in the area. Most have water at only 15 feet or less. I have found a great how to website. Videos and Question section are wonderful.

From another blog, I already know what I need. I just have to put an order together and start jetting.