Here is a link to a new release. Too bad they have not posted it yet on their site.

2013 is a long way off. Many things can change in three years. Just like what happened to Getrag. Not that I don’t think it is great to have them. I would love to drive up and have a plant tour and just throw some panels in the back of my car.

I have some questions.

First, where are they going to get the talent to run this plant? I think they could steal some from the automotive industries in the area. But automotive engineers have a bug that is hard to break. They like working with all things cars. (I used to work in the automotive field.) I still love cars.

Second, there are no interstates that run by the plant. Sure US31 is close but it is not an interstate.

Third, are these panels going to be sold to the public? And at what cost.

I hope everything works out. They are too far for me to work at the plant.