I have the unit currently on water heat duty. I use only 20 kW hours a month of the little 20 gallon hot water heater. Now I would like to get some good data for just the AC unit. One small problem is that the furnace fan will not be included on the TED 1000 display. I think I can just calculate the additional wattage and add it to the final number without too much of a problem.

Since my new electric bill just came out I have to wait almost two month to compare with the electric company. That does not stop me from comparing to the TED 5000 I have installed on the main house panel though. As I figured from before I would guess a new unit could save about 200 kW hours of a current 500kW hour AC load. Now I get to see if I really have a 500 kW hour a month load. 🙂