By city, I mean New York City. For starters I would lose the car. Who needs a car in the city? I mean if I need a car, I will just do Zip cars. With mass transit comes a much smaller transportation CO2 foot print.

Now I have a 3000 sq. foot house. Not in NYC. a 1000 sq. ft. apartment would cost three times the value of my current home. Thus, I would have to downsize. Smaller home means smaller foot print.

Apartment means no grass to mow. The emissions from a lawn mower can be 30 times that of a car. There is no catalytic converter on a lawn mower. Now my other lawn tools would be gone too.

Apartment almost always have neighbors. That means your “roof” maybe someone else’s floor. Unless you live on the top floor that is. If you lived in the middle of a brownstone row, you may have only one outside wall. This would help reduce your heating and cooling load tremendously.

By my estimates, I would think my carbon foot print would reduced to less than a third of what it is now. There is a movement to make livable neighborhoods. Neighborhoods that you can live and work in.

The major problem I have is where would the solar panels and solar hot water go?