Maybe, but not as good if you were to use a thermal module directly with the heat source. (Think fire people.) For a good list of products to get my brain thinking I went to  I don’t know if the power output is linear but there 30 Watt module produces that 30 watts with a temperature difference of 258C. The best you could get with solar hot water would be maybe 65C. (80C hot and 15C cold) So you may get 7 watts. At the cost of $300 for the panel only, it would not be worth it.

Now if you could mount it to the header of a evacuated heat pipe collector, you may be in business. According to the website.

Each heat pipe is tested for heat transfer performance and exposed to 250oC (482oF) temperatures prior to being approved for use.

This upper limit is below the upper limit for the thermal electric unit. So this could be done if someone wanted to investigate.

Personally, I would leave the hot water and the power generating separate. Water and electricity do mix.