I will say that this Earth Day I am better to the planet then I was the last one. Maybe that is a good goal, to be better to the plane than I was since the last Earth Day. You could either go by “Gut feel” or throw some numbers at it. Me, having an engineering background, numbers. Lets use this past years electric bills. I saved about 30% more kWhrs than the year before. All because I can see how much I use. (TED and Kill-a-Watt) Gas is down almost the same. (Turning down the heat. ) Water is down more than 30%. (Cat fountain.)  Sure, was the easier reductions. As time goes on, it will get harder.

But, you have a whole range of things to improve on. Like my car. It gets a wonderful, 18mpg combined. When I go looking for a newer car I will look at something that gets at least 40% better than that. (Not hard, just don’t get a SUV) What about using less chemical in the house. Or rain water collection? Don’t forget, a push reel mower. The list could go on for ever.

One last thing, is it better to use a credit card to purchase something or cash. After you think about it for a minute, the answer is not that easy. How much energy and waste is really used to make that transaction happen?