I received my TED 5000 the other day and I got to install it today. Installation was a breeze. I had one of the CT sensors backwards again. Since I had the same problem the last time I recognized it immediately. (Wattage won’t change when light switch filled on) “programming” the gateway was very easy. I logged on to my router and found out what the IP address was on the gateway. Did the system setup wizard and entered the MTU and Display device numbers. Done and working.

Next was Google power meter. Again, TED 5000 has a wizard to help set it up. This took 30 seconds. I now have it on my iGoogle home page.

Not easy to see but basically the TED5000 sends data to Google every ten minutes. The footprints software shows the recorded data in second intervals. This data comes from the gateway. No need to have the TED connected to your computer. This is the biggest improvement! Seems like a waste to keep a computer on 24/7 to log how much electricity you are using.

Zigbee wireless display works great. I can go anywhere in my house and I get a signal. Works just like it should. No problems what-so-ever. I am glad I got the wireless display now. Worth the extra money.

Don’t think that I have reduced my old TED 1000 to the e-waste trash heap. I have placed the TED1000 on my water heater. Now I can see exactly how much my 240V water heater is using. This is combination with my kill-a-watt on the heat pump will tell me my total usage of electricity for heating water. More on that, later. Now I am going to walk around the house and turn things on and off. 🙂