Same idea behind Earth day. The level of awareness generated is great. But what about the remaining 364 days?

I try to make everyday Earth Day or Earth Hour. So far I have been able to cut my electric usage by close to 30% and my gas usage by at least 40%. This reduction does not come from the action of one day or hour. But sadly, this is the only way to get the mass media to notice.

So will I turn off my lights? Yes, one hour for the cause is not hard to do. Will I continue to reduce my usage, every day. I enjoy hearing about how high peoples eclectic and gas bills are. Why, because I know that they could do something about it and choose convenience instead. They think I am crazy when I tell them what I have done to reduce my bills. It is not really that difficult. It just takes perseverance. For many, this just does not happen. Example, something like 80% of new years resolutions are broken by January 15th.