I still have my old gas water heater in the basement. It is out of the way but it is still down there. With summer coming up I was thinking about what to do with it. here is my idea. Strip it down to the bare tank, paint it black and place it in the sun. This would make some hot water for the kiddy pools and for washing “stuff” like the cars.

I think I will bury it half way into the backyard hill. No need to have the thing fully exposed. This will help to retain some of the heat at night too. I need to it lay vertically going up the hill. I can then use the drain valve on the bottom to receive the cold water and one of the two outlets on top for the hot water exit. The other I will just plug. I will need a check valve because the tank will be about fifteen feet above the house spigot.  This will prevent any back-flow.

I think this will be an interesting project. I best do it while the wife is away. She will ask too many questions for which I will have no good answer for. Like most of my projects. O’ and  I will need a thermal blanket of some kind for when I need the hot water earlier in the day. (cover at night)

If I decide to tinker with this idea I will post the results.