The 20 Gallon water heater is all hooked up. Wife has stop complaining about shower not hot enough. Mission accomplished. Almost. Now I have to tweak the new system for the best possible efficiency.

By my estimates, the big tank with the hot water heat pump, is sitting at 110 Degrees. I am going by the know on the heat pump so I think it will be close to that. The Small tank is sitting at 130 degrees. This was all done so that after I hooked the system up everything would work. That is to say, I would not get into trouble for messing around and still not have hot water. Now I have seen a drop in energy usage by the heat pump. After three days the average usage is 3.5kW hours a day. This is much better than 6kW hours a day that I had before. I know that I am using more electricity with the small tank. How much more? I do not know. After I get the new TED 5000 I can use the old TED 1000 just for the small electric tank. My guess would have to be about 4kW hours a day. So my total is up to 7.5 Kw hours a day just to heat water. That is a lot of electricity for hot water. But much better then the 13kW hours a day if I used only electric heating elements.

The Plan: Wait for now.

I think I need to better understand what I have with the new system. Then I can start making changes.

After I have some more data. I think the first thing I will do is lower the small tank by five degrees.

Then I may raise the big tank by five degrees. But, I do know that the heat pump efficiency decreases when the tank temperature increases. Personally, I think that when you approach 130 degrees tank temperature when an ambient temperature of only 60 degrees, you are getting close to only 100% efficient. Since I can not measure that at the moment, my educated guess will just have to do.

In the summer I hope to have the small tank and the large tank at the same temperature. (115 degrees) Then the small tank should never turn on unless the demand is very high.