I can’t remember how I came across this brand of milk. I think it was one of those coupon mailers. The kind I hate because it is such a waste of paper.  The thing that caught my eye was the fact they ship the milk in reusable glass containers. If we all remember the three R’s.

Reduce – Yes, I have reduced my milk consumption. But I like milk! So not that much.

Reuse – This is why I like the glass bottles. They have a $1.50 deposit per half gallon jug.

Recycle – That was what I did when I purchased the plastic gallons.

So as we can see Reuse is better than Recycle. But what makes it a win-win is the fact that the milk taste gooood!

This is an added bonus. rBGH free milk!

Why their milk tastes so good!

No the milk is not organic but after reading the page linked above, maybe I don’t want organic milk either. For now, hormone free milk is just fine. Sure Oberweis milk costs a little more. But I think it is worth the small increase for what you get.