Two years ago I gave up Caffeine. Many of you may find that hard to do but it was easy for me. I only drank one coke a day. Still I had Caffeine withdraw for 4 days. All four days I had a headache and on the third day I had somewhat shaky hands.

I still would have a coke but I just drank the caffeine free kind. This past new years resolution was to not drink any sugary sodas. No coke or sprite. Interesting enough I think I had sugar withdraw. Reminds me of the headaches one gets when they have not had time to eat breakfast or lunch and now it is dinner time. That lasted on and off for about two weeks while my body adjusted to not having the quick rush of sugar into the blood stream.

I don’t fell like I have more or less energy. But I don’t have the ups and downs in energy like before. This is a good thing for me. I like a nice even energy level. I find I can get more done that way.

So If the government wants to tax sugary sodas, go ahead I won’t care at all.