My next door neighbor replaced his heat pump this past year. He replaced it with the cheapest one he could buy. (13 SEER / 7.8 HSPF) If he went with the highest rated model, (Goodman), he would have purchased a 18 SEER/9.5 HSPF maybe his electric bill would not have been so high. It was $339! By my guess, he used almost 4000kW Hours. Most of this was because it was so cold outside. I managed only to use 999kW hours in the same billing cycle with 136 Therms of Gas used. That total for the two was $237 , or almost $100 dollars less.

If he had installed the more efficient heat pump he could have reduced his electric bill by at least 20%. That is equal to almost $70. The summer bill should also decrease.  Winner every single month!