Why would I be thrilled. I used almost 500kW hours less electricity then the same time last year. I only used 999kW hours this past bill. Last year I used 1528kW hours. Here is the special thing. I run two small space heaters during the night. Since the furnace does not heat each of my children’s room constantly, I close the vents and run the electric heater instead. My son likes it cooler (67) and my daughter likes it warmer (72). We also run an electric space heater in the bathroom when we shower. (No one wants to leave a warm shower for a cold bathroom)

For about ten days during the billing period the temperature were unseasonably cold. The Gas furnace seemed to run most of the time. (Gas bill was higher than last year) The furnace has an electric fan that draws a little over 500 Watts when running. The fan running 50% of the time for a month would be 180kW hours. I am sure it was less than that but may have been about 100kW hours or 10% of total usage.

I will be very interested to see what spring brings. Not running the AC or Heat should make for some low bills. Even lower than last year. Just remember, all of my reduction have come from the awareness that the TED unit has given me. Without it I would be in the dark so to speak. I think everyone should have a TED or something similar. Smart Grid anyone?