I want a reliable family car that gets 30mpg+ on the highway. My current SUV gets a wonderfully dismal 22mpg on the highway. But when I bought it used four years ago I wanted power and handling. If the V8 was to be had cheap, I would have purchased that instead. (I guess it was a good thing.)  Now, I love my SUV but it is all sport and no utility. I would have been much better off with a sporty car instead. Then maybe I would not be looking for a replacement.

Reliability is the first concern. According to the wife that means no GM or Chrysler. A long shot is Ford. But for sure a Honda or Toyota. Then you have all the other that are slight maybes. She is does not look favorably to the Euro brands because of their reliability issues. Personally, I would love to get a used diesel. And who makes diesels, the Europeans.

Fuel Economy is a distant second. In case you did not know, fueleconomy.gov is a great site to find and compare cars by MPG.  What did I come up with Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Ford Fusion. Sure they are all nice cars. But if I had it my way, give me a diesel AWD  that gets 40mpg+ on the highway. BMW, Mercedes and VW/Audi all have a model or two that would fit the bill, in Europe. A BMW 320d ­EfficientDynamics Edition with AWD. Without AWD it gets 57MPG. I would have to think AWD would not reduce it to below 50MPG on the highway. One can dream anyway.