SO I was reading the news report about Wal-mart pulling children’s jewelry from the shelves because of high Cadmium levels. I then recalled that China had a problem with high Lead levels a few years back. But the thing that I find most disturbing is that  every bit I hear about Chinese product problems are an involuntary action. That is to say, someone caught them red-handed. When is China going to police themselves? Are they incapable of regulations? Maybe they are? Corruption, I hear is very high in China. This is not Drywall. This is children’s Jewelry! What about jewelry for adults? Does that have heavy metals in it too.

One would think that with capital punishment more prevalent in China that people would use their heads. I am all for buying and shopping local. I always have my wife buy eggs from the local hatchery. Even if they cost $0.50 more a dozen. Have you tried to buy only domestic products. (I can’t imagine what others do outside the USA. It is bad enough here.) But we will never get away from China. Labor is just to cheap and plentiful. I just hope they get on the quality/safety bandwagon. And soon.

P.S. in that article, A cadmium specialist from China told the AP that cadmium is normally directed to the Chinese domestic market. Who cares where it is going. Don’t use it!