I currently have the TED 1000. I is very good unit and has served me well. But… in order to log data I have to leave a computer on all the time. This, in turn, uses electricity. I am trying to reduce my usage not increase it. So for the last few months I have not been logging any data. Being an engineer, I like data.

Enter the TED 5000. Plugs into the wall and then plugs into the home network. Perfect for me. But the best part is that you can use it with Google PowerMeter. No more bland TED footprints.

After reading some reviews I may not get the wireless display. Some say it only works a few feet from the gateway. Not very good or useful if you ask me. It only cost $40 but if I have to keep it in an out of the way location, I will keep the $40. Now I just need to shop around for a good price an then wait. (They have been back-ordered since the Google announcement.)