15 kW may not be small to some but if you are really serious about wind power then that is in the correct range for most people. This wind turbine is owned and operated by Hoosier Energy, Inc. in south central Indiana. Here is a link to the wind turbine website.

Conditions were perfect for this location. The wind was blowing steadily at over 25mph for hours on end.

My observations; The wind starts on the 9th @ 2am, it does not stops until the 10th @ 6pm. Toward the beginning, for almost 18 Hours the turbine appears to be at maximum output. (about 11kW) The turbine is rated @ 15 kW, this would make system losses at almost 25%. Since I don’t know much about the design of the system it is hard to tell what may be contributing to the losses. Remember that when designing for a solar system, total system AC conversion efficiency is on the order of 77% to 80% of rated name plate DC output. If you add the two days together you have over 325 kW hours of electricity from this on major wind event. That would have been over 50% of my electrical needs for the month.

One other thing to note. If the turbine was higher in the air the power produced would have been greater. I read somewhere that, “Placing a turbine on a short tower is like putting solar panels in the shade.”