Where to start? Let’s start with my average water usage. Lasts months water bill came in at 2400 Gallons. This was from the month of November. (No watering outside!) This would be equal to about 80 gallons a day. For a family of four, that is really good! The average water usage in the US per person is about 70 gallons. We are well below that average during the cooler months when I am not water outside. I would like to keep it that way.

Rain water collection, my next spring project. During my Internet research I found a great product. RainXchange. I looks perfect, but has some flaws. #1 cost. for a 3000 gallon system it costs close to $5000. And that is if I install it myself. I don’t think I need a 3000 gallon system but the 1000 gallon system costs about half as much. #2 From what I can tell, the pump must run 24/7. So the money I save from capturing rain water will be chewed up in extra electricity costs. (Note: I am not wanting to do this to save money, but it would be nice!)

Option two, big tank of water. I don’t want one standing next to the house. Just too ugly. I could bury one but that cost money too. (Less then the rainXchange) One idea I had was to half bury a tank in the side of my small hill. But then I have to run a water line over 50 feet to it and add a transfer pump. The last option I have is to purchase a low profile tank and make a raised deck over the top of it. While this sound nice I don’t know about the added costs of the deck.

Moving on to sizing the tank. (I will have to think about location over the next few months.) After looking at my water bills, I figure I need about 3000 gallons “extra” in the summer months. Rarely do we go more than two weeks with out some significant rain fall. he system do not need to be available all the time. I can always use city water.  As an example, I want to water only the front yard. Let’s say it is 2000 square feet. If I need to water it with an inch of water every week then I need about 1200 gallons of water in the middle of a two week dry spell.

No mater which way you slice it. This will cost over $1000. Maybe I should just go back to driving a well? I did do some experimenting with water jetting but that was it. This past summer was a good one for rain so I lost my motivation. But I have plenty of time now to think of new crazy ways to save water.