While visiting my in-laws for the Thanksgiving holiday I came back to a nice surprise. Well, I had a good idea what it was going to be but it was still nice. My TED unit reported that I had only use 8 kW hours while I was away for Thursday.

Here is the breakdown as best I could manage.

  • Phantom Loads – 50 Watt /hour                                          600 Watt Hours
  • My DVR – 90 Watts for 2 hours                                          180 Watt Hours
  • Furnace Fan – 500 Watts for 6 hours                              3000 Watt Hours
  • Fish Tank Lights – 50 Watts for 10 hours                          500 Watt Hours
  • Fish Tank Heater 200 Watts for 2 Hours                          400 Watt Hours
  • Light on Timer 25 Watts for 8 Hours                                  200 Watt Hours
  • Refrigerator                                                                     2000 Watt Hours
  • Outside Lights – 45 Watt for 14 hours                                600 Watt Hours

Add this up and you are left with about 600 Watt Hours not accounted for. But the furnace could have run an hour longer I just don’t know. This is my best guess. One thing I noticed, is the fridge use about 25% of the total power. I would like a new one, so if I were to buy one I would hopefully get one that uses about half as much. The furnace uses about a third of the total energy. When I replace this I will look for the most efficient fan I can buy. I could move the fish tank to a sunny location. But that would mean I have to drain and clean it. That is a lot of work. Honestly, I may be done trying to reduce my load. I will have to look at a few minor things, then I can see how my utility bills look for the winter months. Maybe in the spring I can think about some solar options.