This year I had my side of the family at my house for Thanksgiving. Now for some power usage background. For the last four weeks or more I have averaged 15 kW hours a day. This would be a little under 500 kW hours for the month. (This is very good!)

Enter Thanksgiving feast. It was a wonderful meal for the nine of us. What did the TED unit read at the end of the day? 30 kW hours. Basically, the cooking and extra people doubled my daily usage. Since we have an electric oven that ran for five hours, that pretty much explains the increase.  Well worth it in my book. If you think about it, the number of kW per person was less than normal. But then again, Thanksgiving only happens once a year. Twice for me because this Thursday I get to go the other side of the family for another wonderful meal! Yum. I think I will go make a turkey sandwich.