Like I said before , if I knew that fish tank was going to use so much electricity I would have never purchased it. But the kids and the cat like it, so it has to stay. Here is the current situation. The tank has two lights and a filter. When they are both on the combined total is 50 Watts. I run them for 10 hours. That equals 50 Watts x 10 hours, 500 Watt hours or 0.5 kW a day. I mean, that is only $2 a month. Now we all know this is not about the money. But, I can live with 500 Watt hours. What I can not live with is the tank heater. I have a 200 Watt heater. The fact that it is a 200 Watt heater means very little. How long it is on mean so much more.

Kill-a-watt to the rescue. After 12 hours, I had used 0.68 kW hours. WHAT! At that rate I would use almost 40 kW hours for the month. My refrigerator uses 60 kW hours a month! This will not do.

So what did I do. Well, I could not just turn it off. The fish may kick the bucket. So I researched the lowest livable temperature, which happens to be 68 degrees. That is better than the 73 degrees that is was set at before. The basement temp is around 65 right now. I hope that the heater will run very little since I have 50 Watts of possible extra heat from the lights and filter. I reset the kill-a-watt and will check back another day.