So I know, one of the best places to spend money is on improving the energy efficiency of your home. When I had the house built eight years ago, I was told the walls of the house were R-19. At the time, that sounded pretty good. Not that I plan on replacing my siding anytime soon, I just wanted to know what options I had to improve my R-value. Insulated Vinyl Siding is one such option. It costs about 30% more than regular vinyl siding. The benefit is greater impact resistance and the addition of R-4 to R-5 to the building walls. For me, this would be about a 20% increase insulation value. Since up to 40% of your home energy is lost thru your walls. 20% of 40% is 8%. This is why I would not be doing this until I needed to replace what I have. On the other hand, this “upgrade” does qualify for a federal tax credit of 30%. (for USA anyway) So now maybe a better time than I think.

What is 8% in my dollars? If I estimate $1500 for heating and cooling. 8% is $120. Not very much but we all know that utility bills will only go up. Since the regular and insulated siding cost about the same after tax credits. (No price quotes or concrete numbers, just the internet?) It would be a no brainer to install the better insulated product. Toolbase has a list of manufacturers if you are interested. They also have some helpful information.