Menard’s is having a sale on LED lights. So I got two more. I have two fixtures in my house that would be perfect for the new LED lights. One is in a closet and really acts as a night-light for my daughter. The other is over the kitchen sink that acts as a night-light for me. (Midnight snack or drink). I purchased an A15 and A19 bulb. I think the A15 is brighter but it actually has less LEDs inside.  Both fixtures are on for at least 12 hours a night. Sometimes longer. Let’s look at the math.

12 x (14 – 1.5) X 365 X 0.12 X 0.001 = $6.57

12 hours a day,

(Current wattage – new wattage),

365 days in a year,

$0.12 per kW hour,

convert watts to kilowatts,

And you get the total cost for the year. These bulbs should last 50,000 hours or five to ten times longer then the light they replace. CFLs can be found for less than a dollar now. But if the LED bulb lasts ten years and the CFL would have been replaced 5 times($5). The total saving would be $5 + (10 x $6.57) – $7 =   $63.70. Don’t forget I have two fixtures. That would be $127.40. These new LED lights should pay for themselves in a little over a year. That is good in my book.