Since I won’t actually get my bill for another week, this is an unofficial record. Depending on when they gather the reading, I will be very close to 600 kW hours. This is a nice improvement. From my previous rant we know that I have removed some vampire loads. I think this has helped reduce it to the current level. Additionally, the HVAC is not running but for maybe 30 minutes in the morning.

Unless I replace my fridge and dishwasher I don’t think it is going to get much lower. My current fridge is a 25 cu. ft. model. It has been averaging right at 2 kw Hours a day. With a new fridge I could knock that down to 1.5 kW hours a day. Sadly, if I got cold water fish I could save more. My 55 gallon aquarium heater uses more than 500 Watts. If I had understood energy usage more back then I  would have passed on it altogether.

600 kW hours is about 20 kW hours a day. I feel for a family of four with someone always home all the time, that this is a really good number. As always, I will continue to reduce my usage. I just have to think about what to do next? I maybe at the point of diminishing returns. But, then again I am not doing this for the money. I am doing this because I find it to be like a game. And who does not like to win!