I think if people used more gas appliances in their homes they could make “going solar” much easier. My last months bill was for 800 kW hours. I know that 100 kW hours is from my hot water heat pump. (If I had a resistive water heater it would have been at least three times that much) I also know that by removing some loads I have reduced my daily usage by about another 3 kW hours. That is almost another 100 kW hours. That would put me at 600 kW hours.

I have been running my gas furnace for over a week now. The furnace fan does not use as much wattage as I  feared. Somewhere around 600 Watts. This has kept my daily usage well below 20 kW hours for this billing cycle. (below 600 kW hours for the month)  If I could stay below the 600 kW hours mark during the winter, maybe that could help with the summer AC demands. (A new AC unit would really help that. Also a nicer blower fan too.)

I know that my electric stove uses around 2 kW hours a day to cook with. That is another 60 kW hours. (down to 540 kW hours) Now If I had a new fridge and dishwasher I bet I could reduce even more. Say 20 kW hours a month. (down to 520 kW hours) Now I would be really close to my 500kW hour goal.

If I could keep my month average to about 700 kW hours. I could get away with a 6 kW system. Still very expensive and not really doable. Even with prices on solar panels coming down, it would still cost at least $7 a watt installed, or $42,000. Minus the 30% incentive, $30,000.

What about gas assist solar air conditioning. That would be another blog.