I heard on NPR the other day that purchases of CFLs are down again this year. They peaked in 2007. Some say that there needs to be more incentives for CFLs so more people will buy them. I say no. Why, you ask? Because I just replaced my second CFL in six years inside my house. (Notice I said inside) I have CFLs in just about everything. I mean everything. I just purchased some Cold Cathode CFLs for the refrigerator.  (More on the later) The only fixtures that don’t have a CFL are the oven (on brainer!) Dryer, (again no brainer), and above the stove (Still working on that one). In all that time I have replaced two. So yes, I have purchased less this year and last year. Because I am not replacing burnt out ones!

Outside, I have replaced my two garage lights three times. This is because they are one all night averaging 12 hours per night. The first thing I did when I moved in was replace them with CFLs.

I know that having the CFLs is saving me money. I like the fact that it takes a few seconds to come to full brightness. I still have the problem with what to do with the good used incandescent light bulbs. Maybe in a few years they will be worth money since you won’t be able to buy them.