That is my new rule of thumb. What made me think about it? I have a UPS (Uninterpretable Power Supply) for my computer. Because this one was plugged into a difficult outlet I have not checked it with my kill-a-watt meter. Today I made time to check it out. When I first plugged it in, I got 15 Watts. Not too good or too bad. Then about 15 minutes later it went up to 45 Watts. Not good. Now, two hours later, it reads 30 Watts. Not good either. Now I am thinking about just getting a plain old surge protector strip and calling it good. I don’t need a smart strip because when the computer is off the monitor uses only 1 Watt and the printer uses about the same.

At 30 Watts, for 24 hours. That is equal to 720 Watts. From my last blog, I know that this is about equal to 7% of the minimum daily usage. Sadly, this is equal to 22kW hours a month. Two things to note, the unit is off, and it only trips on about three times a year during thunderstorms. Power strip, here I come.