I went out-of-town this past weekend. The house was all by itself doing nothing. No lights, no dishwasher running, clothes washing, TV, computers, or anything really. I used about 11 kW hours on Saturday for nothing! That means my house will eat over 300 kW hours every month regardless if I am home or not!

I just want to say that is stinks. As it has been my goal for many months, I need to reduce my “standby usage”. What is really bad (or good) for the last couple of weeks I have noticed my daily usage staying around the 16 to 17 kW hour range. This means with the family in the house, we only add 5 or 6 kW hours to the “problem”. (note: No AC or heat running!!!)

With this new “minimum usage” I am going to map out what is going on. (24 hour usages) This will help me to pin point where to look next.