I never wanted a house in the middle of nowhere. I also did not want a house where my neighbors were 30 feet on either side of me. But I do like my neighbors.

What I would like is about 5 acres. Half of it would be woods and the other half split between a small pond and flat open grassy area. (right now I have 0.5 acres and four trees.)

Ideally the house would be shaded by the woods and the solar array would be pole mounted away from the house.

As much as I like having a big yard I don’t like to mow it. I have read some on buffalo grass. Only needs mowed once a month and does not need to be watered. It is a native grass to North America.

Since we built this house nine years ago with our future children in mind, we will not be moving anytime soon. The dream will have to wait until the kids move out. (They are 5 and 2 right now)