In case you did not know, I live in Indiana. Not really the sunshine state but we do alright. I was surfing the web and landed on a local COOP page. Hoosier Electric. They have a few solar sites in central Indiana. One is only 15 miles away. (I will have to visit this sometime soon).

Franklin, IN has a 3kW solar installation.

Dubois County, IN has the same 3kW solar installation.

I have been looking at the historical data from the site. Man, do the numbers look good. To get us on the same page, here are two “as perfect” (very sunny days) at two very different times.

Solar output on December 22nd

Solar output on December 22nd

Victory Solar output on June 29th

Solar output on June 29th

Total output for December 22nd was 18.86kW

Total output for June 29th was 20.83kW

The difference is only 2kW yet the total number of hours the sun is above the horizon being 6 hours longer for June! Don’t forget the more direct path thru the atmosphere too.

So what is going on. We know that temperature is a big factor. Also, with that, these panels are pole mounted. No heat trapping roof to slow down the air cooling of the panels. Even still there is something else. These panels are special. Sanyo Bifacial Solar Panels! They convert light into electricity from both sides of the panel! This means if there is snow on the ground the reflected light up into the panels will be converted. Now I am not thinking about putting panels on my roof but instead placing them on my south facing hill. With some white stone underneath I may be able to make this work! I will have to see if I can get some more data. I know the company that installed both locations. 🙂