I was thinking about this the other day. Would it have been better to fly or drive to Florida. This would be strictly from a CO2 emission aspect only.

What would my CO2 emission have been from flying. I found a great site for figure this out. Plug in my information and I get 319 lbs of CO2 per person. My family is only 4 people. So that is equal to 1276 lbs of CO2 for the round trip. (I did not use RFI, the definition of RFI is; radiative forcing is the difference between the radiation energy coming into the earth (primarily from the sun) and the radiation energy leaving the earth. To me it muddies the water and I did not use it.)

What would my CO2 emission have been from driving. I am going to assume a 25 mpg car. Now, the car emits the same amount of CO2 if there is one person or eight. (maybe a little more for weight but still) So a 25 mpg car emits 0.78 lbs of CO2 per mile. Google maps states it is 990 miles to Orlando. That would be equal 772 lbs of CO2 produced.

Looks like the car win easily. Even if you drove a gas guzzling SUV you would still be ahead of the plane. I don’t think I will fly for any destination that is under a six hour car ride. Airports are still just a hassle. So now I can feel even better about my car driving preference. (We took the plane down to Disney. A 15 hour car ride with a 2 and 5 year old just did not sound like a very good time.)


For more information on Carbon Credits check out solarhome.org’s Carbon Credit E-Book.