Maybe my old solar books just have a nostalgic sense about them. But, I think the solar books / alternative concepts genera don’t have the same feel about them. Either they are too technical or they state, “leave it to the pros.” The books I like are out of print. Why? Anybodies guess? Maybe the DIYer is a dieing breed.

The New Solar Electric Home, I have the first edition. Now there is a new 3rd. edition. But I will spend my $40 on something else.

Achieving Energy Independence – One Step at a Time, nice pictures, easy to read, explain the math.

Wind Energy Basics: A Guide to Small and Micro Wind Systems, link is for new edition, I did not know that!, just came out this year, this is a good basic wind book.

Solar Electric Independent Home Book, Just a great all around book on solar, very easy to understand.

Solar Homes and Sun Heating, this is from 1976, still relevent even today. I think I got it for $4.