Let me first say that if I could get my wife to use this along with myself I would buy it already. The NatureMill website is very good. From what I can tell there are two models. The extra $100 for the Pro does not get you very much. Designer colors, heavy duty mode, life time filter, and a three year warranty. I don’t care about color since it would go under the sink. Heavy duty mode may come in handy. Filters only cost $8, replace every five years. The warranty extended to 3 years may be good too. But for $100, I will pass.

Plus XE for only $299. Shipping costs $15. If I could change my trash pickup to every other week I could pay for this composter in a few years. But the biggest benefit is the compost itself. For years I have tried to grow vegetables in my garden. This last years tomatoes were worthless. I need to amend the soil. The compost would be perfect.

I havew never composted anything from inside the house to the outside. (I know, shame on me.) So I think I should start off a little slower. Countertop Composter. I am planning for two compost bins this fall and I figure I could take this out every few days to the bins. (Have to plan for the cold winter days???)