This may seem like a foreign concept to some but let’s think about it. If you try to buy as much food locally you don’t incur all the carbon emissions from shipping to your store. A farmers market is a great way to buy local produce.

I am very lucky, I have a local company that will deliver to my door. Farm Fresh Delivery. I am still looking into it. Since I don’t do the groceries I have to talk my wife into it.  I don’t think I will have a problem, just have to start.

Here is a great example, Apple Juice. The kids love apple juice. The last container of apple juice was made from apples in China. The one before that was made from apples made in Chili. Now I understand that apple don’t grow here during every season. But apples from China?

I also have a local store that has a great meat department. I have heard from the owners son that they always try to get local meat and produce. This year they have had some very testy sweet corn. They also sell buffalo from a local buffalo farm. If you are going to eat meat then buffalo is some of the best.

Just remember, if you purchase a fruit that is out of season it most likely came from the other side of the planet that had to be shipped half way across the globe. That shipping has incured more carbon then you think. Some day I will calculate it out but for now I will try to just buy local and support my local economy.