First, let me say, that this is not a good option for me. Why? The one Drainergy model won’t work with plastic pipes. The both companies I have found need a vertical section of pipe for replacement.

Here are both companies.


GFX Technology

Now, how does this thing work?

The vertical recovery systems use something called a film heat recovery idea. The concept is simple. The falling water in the drain pipe always “sticks” to the side of the pipe. Like rain on a window. Both manufacturers make vertical recovery systems. Both require a vertical section to be replaced with a copper pipe. That copper pipe has and external coil wrapped around it. As the falling drain water passes thorough the pipe it gives up its heat the the colder outer coil water line. The now warmer “cold” water is then feed into the water heater. This type of system is great for recovering heat from a shower type usage. Meaning you take a 20 minute shower and the system will work the best. If you take a bath then the system will not work hardly at all. But the next type will work.

The next type can be a horizontal or a vertical. The basic idea is to strap a “small” tank on the outside of the pipe. This type of system is more capable of capturing intermittent uses of hot water. (Think dishwasher and clothes washer)

Drainergy makes Vertical and Horizontal. GFX Tchnology makes only Vertical. O’well, I will just file this under my dream house plans.