VOC  stands for Volatile Organic Compound. Here is the wikipedia on it. Basically, VOCs are bad. That is why when you paint with normal paint you have to open the windows. I, myself, have been light-headed before from painting. Interesting but not healthy.

The wife and I are think about paint some rooms in the house in the very near future. We don’t want to add anything “bad” to our house. The “new house” smell is not a good healthy smell. It is chemical outgases from products in your house. (Think carpet and paint, along with new furniture.)
The Freshaire Choice, by home depot. Sold by them anyway. We have always liked Home Depots Behr paint. But this is not Behr paint. The reviews I am read say the color fades when washed with water and it does not cover or wear well.

Benjamin Moore’s Aura Reviews I have heard of state that is wears well but goes on thick. Coverage is not that good. Slight smell but not too bad.

Sherwin-Williams Harmony This is the paint many pros use. Review give this paint some credibility. Cost only slightly more then regular paint.

Since Sherwin-Williams store is only a mile from my house. I think I will try them out. I have read that they sometimes run coupons on their site for the Harmony paint. Then it would be very close in price to regular paint. If the finished product looks the same and it prep is the same, why would anyone ever use old fashion paint anymore!

FWIW – Milk Paint. Found it very interesting.