I think the time has come for a newer HVAC system. I currently have a SEER 10 AC unit and a 80% efficient furnace. I would like to get a High Efficiency Heat Pump. Both of my neighbours have heat pumps. They never complain about the quality of the heat and they never complain about a $300 gas bill. The one neighbour says his electric bill in the winter is only $150. So basically, I as wasting $225 a month. ($300 for gas minus the $75 I already spend on electric) Interesting enough that same neighbour just replaced his “builder special” unit last week. The total bill was $3000. This was not a top of the line model. It was SEER13 and HSPF 7.7 unit. I personally think if they spent more they may have actually spent less. Why? The federal tax credit for 30% of the total cost. Plus we have state and local utility incentives too. Desireusa.com is a great site for this kind of information. All you need to get the Federal Tax credit is a SEER 15 and HSPF 8.5. They make a gazillion units that meet this now.

What I would like to get. iQ Drive. It should be out in a few weeks. With that said, what the heck is this thing going to cost? The guy I spoke with at the mom and pop shop said he thought it would cost way too much and thought I should get a SEER 15 Heat pump that qualifies for the tax credit. But there is a big difference between SEER 15 and SEER 22.

What I am most concerned with is the heating not the cooling. Remember, to go down from 100 to 75 is a lot easier then up from 0 to 65. I just don’t want to have to get into using the “emergency heat”. That would be a 20kW resistive heating element. That would make my meter spin really fast.

One no so good thing about heat pumps is that as outdoor temperatures go down the less efficient they become. When the temps hit zero degrees F, you are at about as good as resistive heating. Think back to last winter, we did not hit zero very often. Or for that mater 15 degrees. If I had 100 hours of resistive heating. (Very high guess!) That would cost 20kW x 100hours x $0.10 = $200. Even if that 100 hours was during the same month as the old gas $300 bill was in. I am still money ahead.

I may not get the iQ drive but I will get a nicer unit. I want this thing to last and provide great comfort inside my home. Think about it, that is where you spend most of your time.