This past month I used 7 CCF. A year ago this time I used 16 CCF. What is one therm equal to? For me, it is equal to running my furnace for a little over a hour. That would mean I would have “ran my furnace” for only 10 hours this past month. The usage come from my gas dryer. (Still waiting for a Heat Pump Dryer!) I installed my hot water heat pump about a week into the month. I figure that the dryer uses 5 CCF a month. I don’t know the efficiency of the dryer but I would think 100%. How many KWhrs are is 5 CCF of Natural Gas? If my math is correct. 150kWhrs. That is the reason I want to get a heat pump dryer. Still, the cost for an additional 150kWhrs is about $15 @ $0.10 a Kwhr. But, for me, the more I use the less I pay. If I am over 1000 kWhrs in a billing period it goes down to $0.05 per kWhr. So I may only pay $7.50 extra per month.

Currently my bill is only for $18.27. This would cost about the same if I were to have used electric instead of gas. ( 7CCF) I only have to replace my furance and dryer. Then I will not have to worry about gas ever again. (Don’t knwo what I am going to do with with my hardly ever use gas fireplace. Corn / Pellet Stove?)

Lastly, the kill-a-watt reading for my hot water heat pump is about 95kWhrs. For the billing cycle it will be slightly above 100 kWhrs. (10CCF for hot water = 300 kWhrs, I used 100kWhrs. That would be 300% efficent when compared to the gas water heater!)